Mar 18, 2007

The Keychain to Success

Having problems with keychains?

If keychain permissions are giving you fits, the first thing to do is type "keychain" into Spotlight, and open Keychain Access. When it's open, click on the Keychain Access menu next to the Apple menu, and click on "Keychain First Aid." In the appropriate blank, click the "Repair" button, and click "Start"

If any errors show up in red, click Start again, until no more errors are found. 

Now, you also probably want to keep your default keychain unlocked. And unless you're using a generic user account on a workstation, you'll want to turn on "User Names and Passwords" in Safari's AutoFill preferences.

There are other techniques for securing your information. Needless to say, once should take extra precautions when storing sensitive material on a laptop. Get ahold of to discuss the options.

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