Dec 25, 2007

Sharing files across the internet

Can you recommend any do-it-myself FTP software? One of our co-workers has started working remotely, and we need to share files with her.

Two recommendations (neither of which involve setting up your own FTP site, which would be a bit of a hassle, and not terribly secure): 

The easiest thing to use is the 10GB iDisk that comes an Apple .Mac ("dot Mac") account. Check out the details at At $99/year, it's a service that Apple would like everyone to buy, because it's easy profit for them; a lot of people buy it, but not everyone understands what it can do for them, and the money ends up going to waste. But it can be very useful — I use my .Mac services daily — to publish photos, sync address book and calendar information, work remotely with the iDisk and the new Back to My Mac feature. 

The other possibility, one that I've used and thought was pretty cool, is a free 5GB Xdrive from, believe it or not, AOL. It works through a web browser, so it's just a little clunky, but in some ways that makes it pretty easy to work with.

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